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Whipped cream

Preparation and Uses of Whipped Cream

Nitrous oxide cream chargers, also known as nangs are widely used for making whipped cream. Different brands of whip cream chargers are being sold in Europe as well as the US. Nitrous oxide is available in two different grades – food grade and pharmaceutical grade. While the pharmaceutical grade is exclusively for the medical industry, the food grade nitrous oxide is used for making whipped cream. Food grade nitrous oxide is pure nitrous oxide and is used in the cream chargers. The whipped cream chargers are available in two different sizes – 8 grams and 16 grams. The 8 gram size cream chargers are used for the 8 gram size dispenser. When used with a 250 ml dispenser, 8g charger will produce sufficient quantity of nitrous oxide. In order to make 2.5 pints of whipped cream, the 8g charger is to be mixed with one cup of thick whipping cream. It is dangerous to use more than one 8 g charger in the 250 ml dispenser since it may cause explosion. When used with 500 ml dispenser, the 8 g size charger will produce 5 pints of whipped cream and in this case it is to be mixed with two cups of thick whipping cream. The 16 g size cream chargers will produce double the quantity of nitrous oxide gas. The whip cream chargers supplied by us are of superior quality and our products are widely used in restaurants as well as households for topping coffee, desserts, etc. with whipped cream.

Preparation of whipped cream

Whipped cream is made by whisking the cream with a mixer or a whisk to make it light and fluffy. The cream can be sweetened with sugar and if required, it can be flavored with vanilla. For making the whipped cream the mixing bowl and whisk – both made of metal – are kept in the freezer for 15 minutes and then sugar and the whipping cream are added to the mixing bowl. The cream is whisked till it becomes stiff. Whipped Cream is also known as Chantilly Cream. When the good quality cream chargers are used and the bowls as well as the beaters are highly cold, whipped cream can be made just within ten minutes. It is not possible to make whipped cream with milk since milk doesn’t have sufficient fat content to make the cream thick.

Uses of Whipped Cream

When whipped cream is added on the top of the food items, they become highly delicious. Uses of whipped cream are many. It is commonly used to provide topping for desserts such as pies and cakes. Whipped cream is a common ingredient in the recipes for desserts, soups, beverages and sauces. Continuously refrigerated whipped cream will last for 5 – 7 days. The popular food items for which whipped cream is used for topping include hot chocolates, milk shakes, coffee, ice cream, strawberries, waffles, pie and bananas.

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